.NET Development Addict

I can't pull myself away from the PC... at least the ones running Visual Studio...

.NET Development Addict is a place that will show all my projects, articles and anything that cool. Of course, it will all be software development related.

This entire website is still being pieced together, so things are constantly changing as I work it into something I really like. It is slow going, but I am getting there - I have to fit this in between my Degree, work and hobbies. I also have to eat and sleep :) - something that is lacking often. Also, I am using Windows Azure's Free trial shared hosting, so sometimes I go over the quota and it cuts me off for a minute or so (it did that right now as I was saving this page and so I had to re-type this line) - I will be upgrading soon.

My Latest Project

I am currently working on a couple of projects, but the one I am focusing on most is Travelling Friend. It is going to be a small service that you can use when you travel. Travelling Friend allows your friends to keep track of you when you go on a long trip alone.



About The Addict

I am a young guy that is currently studying Computer Science. My current occupation is software development. My hobbies mainly include coding. My life is computers and all things techy.

But don't forget good food and music. I am an artist in software; I create my version of the tools that we use in a technology dependent world. I love it!