About The Addict


I am a just young guy that is writing some cool code at Microsoft. My hobbies mainly include coding. My life is computers and all things techy.

But don’t forget good food and music. I am an artist in software; I create my version of the tools that we use in a technology-dependent world. I love it!


I just had my first book published! It was a great enjoyment to put it together and I know it will help anyone who reads it in some way. It is all about mobile development using Xamarin.Android: Xamarin Mobile Development for Android Cookbook.

Xamarin Mobile Development for Android Cookbook

And, I also took the Xamarin University certification exam and pass that. So now I officially am a “Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer”:

Xamarin Ceritified Mobile Developer Badge-small res

You can also find me, along with many other great Xamarin developers, on the Planet Xamarin blog aggregator:

Planet Xamarin

If you want to send contact me, there are a number of ways. First, the good old email way. I have a personal email address which is always fun: mattleibow@live.com. If you want to as work-related questions, I’ll answer them quicker if you send them to my Microsoft email: maleib@microsoft.com.

Another way to communicate with me is through social media, such as Twitter (@mattleibow).

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