Trying to Blog… and an update

It has been a very long time since I started (or attempted to start) blogging. I hope to really get down to doing this again. What might help is the fact that my company is re-working their website and is asking the developers to start posting an article every couple of months.

Anyway, I have been very busy with my studies, work and other small projects on my GitHub account ( I have several repos, but my cooler ones are the Mono.Data.Sqlite.Orm and the Android.Play.ExpansionLibrary.
The Mono.Data.Sqlite.Orm repo is a small and light-weight O/RM for the Sqlite library on the various platforms.

The initial idea was from Frank A. Krueger and his sqlite-net, but I re-wrote almost the entire library using the Mono.Data.Sqlite assembly instead of his custom types. I also had to port the Mono.Data.Sqlite assembly from the Mono repository to use the C#-SQLite library instead of the sqlite.dll native library.

I also want to create some more docs for this library, so I just set up the GitHub Pages for this repo: I will see if I can use this.

The Android.Play.ExpansionLibrary repo is the C# equivalent of the Google provided Java LVL and Expansion libraries. This was, and is to an extent, still an almost a direct translation from Java to C#, but I think it has a few improvements. Such as, a nicer storage system.

I also got my first Android App onto Google Play:!
This was very exciting and I am very glad that I got this opportunity.

Now I am going to try and edit that GitHub Pages for my repo… But before that, I am going to add some images so that when I select the other layouts, I will get a picture 🙂